A downloadable game for Windows

Game's Discord: https://discord.gg/T6DwYjn

Batch Town is a game coded entirely in batch.

I am currently working on the game, so please report bugs and if you have suggestions, I'd be more than happy to hear them!

Install instructions

If you're on windows, just extract the zipped folder and run the Batch Town.bat file!

Make sure to keep everything in the same folder, saves are created in the same place as the game!

I have not made MAC or Linux versions yet, and I'm not sure if I ever will.


Batch Town (Alpha Version 0.4.0).zip 10 kB
Batch Town (Alpha Version 0.3.1).zip 8 kB
Batch Town (Alpha Version 0.2.0).bat 21 kB
Batch Town (Alpha Version 0.1.0).bat 9 kB

Development log


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I was reading through the source code and turns out if your name is administrator then you will be able to choose how many assets you want to have at the start of the game

I did that just so I would have testing tools and to reward adventurous players :)